Definition of fruit tree in US English:

fruit tree


  • A tree grown for its edible fruit.

    • ‘In the same way, every small home in the Caribbean has always kept some vegetables and a fruit tree (usually a lime, but also other citrus).’
    • ‘The first years a fruit tree is in the ground are important to its future performance.’
    • ‘There was a fruit tree located in the center of the plush green lawn.’
    • ‘From there, simple economics took over and the date became the fruit tree to have in your neighborhood back in the day.’
    • ‘He finds his father working the earth near a fruit tree looking downtrodden.’
    • ‘Persimmon is a decorative fruit tree that is undervalued and often overlooked by gardeners.’
    • ‘I can also remember a fruit tree in our garden and the lovely house that seemed huge then.’
    • ‘She smells of dogwood and the orchards where she spent her childhood reading in the summer shade of a fruit tree.’
    • ‘We thank Him for the joys of a sweet apple, the majesty of thunder, or even the fragrance of a fruit tree.’
    • ‘Late in the season, however, offspring return to the winter host plant - your fruit tree.’
    • ‘Project planning includes the creation of open spaces and an extensive greening programme with a fruit tree and indigenous shade tree on each property.’
    • ‘The dark trunk of a young fruit tree warms up fast in the winter sunshine.’
    • ‘He took it and went outside, to a small fruit tree that grew beside the stand and he began to dig a hole.’
    • ‘There's a fruit tree in Jamaica called, by country people, the ‘cherry-million’ tree, because of the profusion of small cherry-like fruits that it bears.’
    • ‘The Nordic people would harvest the branch of a fruit tree and cut the branch into small sections.’
    • ‘This investigation examined the behaviour of the sub-tropical fruit tree, mango, to enable comparison with these well-studied systems.’
    • ‘There are few better refreshers than sitting under a flowering fruit tree or a sturdy old oak, and our bodies seem to concur.’
    • ‘With a young fruit tree, preserve branches that are 6 inches apart and that make wide angles with the trunk.’
    • ‘We harvest two crops strawberries from the raised sleeper bed and expect pears this year from a small fruit tree next to a pond in the middle of the garden.’
    • ‘A grafted fruit tree has the potential to produce six varieties of apples - all grafted to one main stock.’


fruit tree

/ˈfro͞o(t) ˌtrē/