Definition of fruit acid in US English:

fruit acid


  • another term for alpha-hydroxy acid
    • ‘The products are buffered to virtually eliminate the tingling associated with other fruit acid products.’
    • ‘However, fruit acid exfoliation is just Step 1 of the process.’
    • ‘Natural fruit acid cream loaded with antioxidants provide intense hydration and nourishment for all skin types.’
    • ‘The Alpha Hydroxy Acid Products include glycolic and mixed fruit acid complexes specially formulated to exfoliate your skin and in addition to removing dead surface cells, they cause the cells to work more quickly to reproduce.’
    • ‘Godiva Licorice Anti-Blemish Cream contains fruit acid and glabridin, the whitening component in licorice extract.’
    • ‘Chemical peels of stronger fruit acid solutions can be used by dermatologists or plastic surgeons.’
    • ‘Mild alphahydroxy acids formulated into the cleanser can make a nice addition for smoother, fresher skin (look for lactic, glycolic and fruit acid complexes).’
    • ‘The synergy of the fruit acid extracts and this ‘wonder herb’ works at a higher level than what they, separately, can accomplish to the over-all improvement of the skin.’
    • ‘The fruit acid toners can be refrigerated and used for up to one week.’
    • ‘Glycolic acid is a fruit acid most frequently used for facial treatments but lactic and citric acid are also useful.’
    • ‘A collection of amino fruit acid products that help with moisture retention, dead skin cell exfoliation, and reducing signs of aging including brown pigmentation.’
    • ‘Alpha-hydroxy Acid fruit acid skin care products are easy to make at home.’
    • ‘As well as the fruit acid TCA, the Obagi Blue Peel comprises a non-toxic blue base and Complex 272 which helps to distribute the acid evenly.’