Definition of frugivore in US English:



  • An animal that feeds on fruit.

    • ‘During the late Cretaceous and early Paleocene periods plant-eating mammals were frugivores, presumably because fruit can be more easily processed than foliage.’
    • ‘Not only do microbial frugivores consume fruits and fail to disperse seeds, but they often render fruits unattractive to vertebrate frugivores that do disperse seeds.’
    • ‘Ethanol vapor emanating from palatable fruit may act as an odor cue, guiding bats and other frugivores to the fruit, and aiding them to assess its quality.’
    • ‘However, because of the great variety of microorganisms present in fruit, the associated effects on the interactions between vertebrate frugivores and fruiting plants may also be highly variable.’
    • ‘Second, I review the scanty literature on whether vertebrate frugivores prefer fruits with presumably higher levels of ethanol over conspecific fruits with presumably lower levels of ethanol.’


Mid 19th century: from Latin frux, frug- ‘fruit’ + -vore (see -vorous).