Definition of frugally in US English:



  • See frugal

    • ‘As someone who lives quite frugally, the amount I'll need to pay is the equivalent to the amount I probably save by using coupons and buying generic stuff in the supermarket over an entire year.’
    • ‘Having taken the precaution to save enough to live like this, albeit frugally, for a few months, the alarm bells aren't ringing yet, and it's still only a couple of weeks since I last worked.’
    • ‘I only wish I had been shopping a little less frugally.’
    • ‘And absolutely none of the money in question ever ended up in the coffers of this tiny, frugally funded organization of those who lost someone the day America was attacked.’
    • ‘Still, living frugally off the money from her earlier record and publishing deals, she may gripe about the problems of being a self-released artist but can still afford to be restless and vague rather than career-driven.’