Definition of frowardness in US English:



  • See froward

    • ‘Thou wilt bring eternal doom on all frowardness and transgression, and Thy righteousness will stand revealed in the sight of all Thou hast made.’
    • ‘Then all the young men tucked up their sleeves to the elbows and fell a-weeping and wailing and they blackened their faces and smeared their clothes and buffeted their brows and beat their breasts, continually exclaiming, ‘We were sitting at our ease, but our frowardness brought us unease!’’
    • ‘Here there can be twain no longer, for all jarring, frowardness, and opposition being removed, the oneness is established, wherein the true peace consists forever.’
    • ‘All this is of his craft and wiliness: wherefore do thou betake thyself to equity and fair dealing and leave frowardness and tyranny; and thou shalt fare all the better for it.’
    • ‘And yet I misdoubt me that thou wilt not bring this about, because of the frowardness of them that follow thee.’