Definition of frostbite in US English:



  • Injury to body tissues caused by exposure to extreme cold, typically affecting the nose, fingers, or toes and sometimes resulting in gangrene.

    • ‘But I would've looked fantastic as the paramedics treated my frostbite, I'm sure.’
    • ‘Insufficient food has also left him two stone lighter with chronic gum and tooth pain and frostbite has deformed one of his fingers.’
    • ‘Some will succumb to frostbite (fingers and toes are often lost) and there may be tense encounters with wild animals.’
    • ‘You can identify frostbite by the hard, pale and cold quality of the skin that has been exposed to the cold.’
    • ‘Winter weather can be nasty, and two of the meanest winter culprits are hypothermia and frostbite.’
    • ‘Ice should not be applied directly to skin because it can cause frostbite - place a cloth between the ice and skin.’
    • ‘It not only protects against wind burn and frostbite, but it also keeps you from breathing in super-cooled air.’
    • ‘In 1941 he treated a young Canadian for frostbite, and had to amputate the man's gangrenous fingers.’
    • ‘Not all of them know, however, that if it's left there too long, or applied directly to the skin, an ice pack can cause serious frostbite.’
    • ‘The condition has been known to arise from injuries as diverse as frostbite, leg ulcers and punctures from hypodermic syringes.’
    • ‘He has not yet lost a toe or finger to frostbite, and added that ‘no mountain is worth losing a digit for’.’
    • ‘Somebody did find me that day but I already had severe hypothermia by then and frostbite also.’
    • ‘In cold weather, the wind-chill factor significantly increases the chance of frostbite and other disabling injuries.’
    • ‘None from this group suffered from severe or very severe frostbite.’
    • ‘The lucky ones only lost their fingers and toes to frostbite, since air is much colder at higher altitudes.’
    • ‘Prolonged application of cold at very low temperatures can cause frostbite or nerve injuries.’
    • ‘Hypothermia and frostbite can also cause problems for people during a very cold snap.’
    • ‘He has suffered frostbite in his fingers, his eyesight is blurred, he has problems with his hearing in one ear and his gums are coming away from his teeth.’
    • ‘Your fingers and nose are suffering from burning frostbite.’
    • ‘Operators should know the signs of hypothermia and regularly check for frostbite.’
    cold, hypothermia
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