Definition of frost heaving in US English:

frost heaving


  • See frost heave

    • ‘Its edges were sharp and angular, indicating that it had not been moved by glacial action but had been lifted vertically by a combination of frost heaving and sand wedging.’
    • ‘To retain soil moisture and prevent root damage from frost heaving, maintain a 3-to 4-inch layer of mulch under shrubs and newly-set trees.’
    • ‘A light application of mulch after the ground freezes will help prevent frost heaving throughout the winter.’
    • ‘Seedlings planted in autumn are subject to frost heaving before roots can become established, a problem most serious on bare soils and in finer textured soils.’
    • ‘Seeds germinate in May, but seedlings are not very drought-resistant; insufficient moisture and frost heaving are the primary sources of seedling mortality.’