Definition of frost heave in US English:

frost heave


  • 1The uplift of water-saturated soil or other surface deposits due to expansion on freezing.

    • ‘For a frost heave to occur, cold air must migrate through the soil layers where there is an area of warmer soil deep beneath the surface and plenty of moisture in the soil.’
    • ‘The need to prevent frost heave and the resultant cracking in foundations of vessels containing natural gas and other cryogenically stored liquids is well known in industry.’
    • ‘It is concluded that if a geotextile is used in frost-susceptible soil, proper drainage and the correct fabric type must be used to prevent increased frost heave.’
    • ‘The saturated wetland deposits are susceptible to frost heave and subsequent damage to structures.’
    • ‘A loose covering of coarse straw will help prevent frost heave during the winter.’
    • ‘After Christmas, use boughs of discarded trees to protect plants from sunscald and frost heave.’
    • ‘Make sure you inspect the debris just in case you have inadvertently raked up a plant that was uprooted by frost heave.’
    • ‘The authors present a parameterization whereby frost heave and frozen soil physics are both incorporated into the land-surface scheme of a numerical weather prediction model.’
    • ‘Patios can also be built with a thickened edge, although frost heave may affect these slabs.’
    • ‘This process, known as frost heave, can literally destroy highways with the forces of expansion uncommon to most frozen molecules - most things shrink upon becoming solid.’
    • ‘In areas subject to freeze - thaw activity, frost heave will create a similar effect.’
    • ‘Thus in the winter, when the ground freezes, we can't get the doors open due to frost heave.’
    • ‘In areas prone to frost heave or with poor drainage, additional drainage material such as drain rock can be placed below the footings to reduce water retention in the soil.’
    1. 1.1 A mound formed by frost heave, especially when broken through the pavement of a road.
      • ‘But this was, in fact, useless, because with all the pot holes and frost heaves it was impossible.’
      • ‘I watched for and followed the recommended speeds when approaching gravel areas and frost heaves.’
      • ‘He watched the yellow and white signs screaming at him to slow down, for frost heaves awaited ahead, and they were surely as large as speed bumps that could very well force the automobile to become air born.’
      • ‘Sidewalks from busier times had been torn asunder by roots and frost heaves, and none of the 20 buildings along its few tree-lined streets seemed to be occupied.’
      • ‘The snow had all melted, and that was nice, but the trees were still bare, and the main roads still had large frost heaves.’