Definition of frost-free in US English:



  • Free of a buildup of ice without defrosting.

    ‘a frost-free freezer’
    • ‘The dishwasher and stove put out heat when they're turned on; a frost-free refrigerator belches it continuously.’
    • ‘A frost-free freezer with periodic warm-ups can adversely affect the stability of many analyses.’
    • ‘The drain pan under the frost-free refrigerator should also be checked regularly to make sure that it isn't blocked.’
    • ‘She sighed, thinking of her wished-for frost-free refrigerator, her balcony, her new carpeting.’
    • ‘Never run frost-free refrigerators with freezer compartments in unheated areas with air temperature below 60 F. unless specially designed for such conditions.’
    • ‘When buying a frost-free refrigerator, find one with an energy-efficient option.’
    • ‘Competition is heating up in the domestic refrigerators segment, especially in frost-free technology.’
    • ‘Can anyone recommend a good frost-free refrigerator to store film and photographs?’
    • ‘A fellow steered me to a compact frost-free model; it was a Frigidaire, a brand for which I have much affection, since that's what we had growing up.’
    • ‘Dave gives a handy hint on defrosting a frost-free freezer.’
    • ‘Amana's range of fridge - freezers is similarly high-quality, with frost-free technology and independently controlled temperature zones.’
    • ‘Never run frost-free freezers where temperature goes below 60 F.’