Definition of frontside in US English:



  • attributive Denoting a maneuver in surfing and other board sports that is done counterclockwise for a regular rider and clockwise for a goofy rider.

    • ‘His streak continued that night at the Pala pool where he doled out a clean frontside rock, while Chalmers and Luke polished off most of the rest of the moves.’
    • ‘Increasing the frontside bus to get extra CPU speed meant faster PCI slots, thus faster video cards.’
    • ‘Johnny almost lost his marbles going for the frontside double flip while Ethan dished out the tail block fakie, bastard plant and the hazard.’
    • ‘Watching Chris Miller effortlessly dismantling the two bowls with the fattest frontside airs over the hip was tight.’
    • ‘I carve a nice frontside turn up on the roll-in area of the ditch.’
    • ‘Taking off backside isn't much different than frontside except that now your weight is centered low towards the inner edge on the middle of the board.’
    • ‘They had a high-air contest and I can go higher frontside than backside.’
    • ‘The pros have just been eating this place up, from Daewon's blunts on the gnarwall to Bennett Harada's frontside ollies off the bowl hip.’
    • ‘He simply does what he called you to shoot for, such as this padless frontside invert at his board sponsor's training facility.’
    • ‘Ever wondered how to do a backside nosegrind or a frontside flip over a hip?’
    • ‘Now that I've caught the board, I swing it back in a frontside kickturn.’
    • ‘It's either a frontside air, or an indy air (which is grabbing like a frontside air but going backside).’
    • ‘There was a dude with dreads that was smoking some wacky, and just rolled straight in and came up the other side and pulled a frontside handplant like it was nothing.’
    • ‘Scott skated good, Roz busted out some huge frontside grabs, Arthur landed some nice frontside flips.’
    • ‘Ethan was seen popping frontside ollies and Marty was doing stylish frontside rocks with goggles on.’
    • ‘Rune blasted some of the biggest frontside airs I have ever seen and backside flip lipslides like he was born doing them.’
    • ‘I mean, I'm good and all I can do is frontside grinds and sweepers.’
    • ‘He did some pretty sweet frontside kickflip lipslides for eighth.’
    • ‘Or is one new life-change not enough for the master of the frontside flip?’
    • ‘I was taking a run down the line in the pipe and tell backwards off the wall taking a frontside turn.’