Definition of frontlet in English:



  • 1An ornamental piece of cloth hanging over the upper part of an altar frontal.

  • 2dated A decorative band or ornament worn on the forehead.

    • ‘His eagle frontlet is the first aspect of Native culture to greet airline passengers deplaning in Ketchikan.’
    • ‘This type of frontlet is worn as a headdress, usually with a trailer of ermine skins.’
    • ‘Two of its pointy lobes must have rested on the High Priest's forehead, with the frontlet tied between them.’
    • ‘Armlets of gold were upon his arms, and many gold rings on his hands; and a golden torque about his neck, and a golden frontlet holding his hair in place; and his presence august.’
    • ‘Let us use my silly hyperbole as frontlets between our eyes.’
    1. 2.1
      another term for phylactery
    2. 2.2A piece of armor or harness for an animal's forehead.


Late 15th century ( frontlet): from Old French frontelet, diminutive of frontel (see frontal).