Definition of fronting in US English:



  • See front

    • ‘The empty verbal head that is used for the analysis of multiple frontings is identical to the empty verbal head that is used to account for the analysis of verb first sentences (verb movement).’
    • ‘Personally, I don't really want to see beer sales in convenience stores and grocery stores, because I kind of like not having to buy my beer from a huge chain of stores that makes decisions based on shelf frontings and pennies per case.’
    • ‘Our building was white with these weird reddish metal pagoda-type frontings.’
    • ‘So the frontings of the other buildings are speaking the architectural language of our age, the early 21st century.’
    • ‘However, these frontings are usually screwmounted to the drawer pan and require great time and effort to remove and thus are not suitable for uses which require frequent immersion type cleaning of the drawer pan.’