Definition of frontal lobotomy in US English:

frontal lobotomy


  • Lobotomy of the frontal lobe of the cerebrum to sever the white connecting fibers.

    • ‘That's why frontal lobotomies were performed a long time ago that actually remove the frontal lobe and that would supposedly take away a lot of the aggression.’
    • ‘After the disastrous results of frontal lobotomies few would have continued to pursue neural lesions as a form of therapy.’
    • ‘In 1936 a Portuguese physician named Egas Moniz, M.D. explained the results of preliminary frontal lobotomies in a European journal of medicine.’
    • ‘Thus, completely by chance, the foundational discoveries for the development of frontal lobotomy were laid.’
    • ‘Only 40 years ago, frontal lobotomies were still being carried out for minor brain problems.’
    • ‘It's the kind of thing that Shakespeare might have written if he had undergone a frontal lobotomy.’
    • ‘For the most part, the characters act as if they have been the victims of frontal lobotomies.’
    • ‘I continue to believe that once an officer makes the rank of Major, he receives a frontal lobotomy courtesy of the Army.’
    • ‘Yet, at the same time, frontal lobotomies have a calming effect, that is, a frontal lobotomy relieves anxiety.’
    • ‘Patients with damage to the frontal lobes exhibit changes in behavior, and frontal lobotomies were once performed to alter aggressive behavior.’
    • ‘Sorry to have missed you but I am in hospital having a frontal lobotomy so that I may be promoted to management’
    • ‘Without this, frontal lobotomies used to get rid of individual strategies by disconnecting that part of the brain.’
    • ‘He becomes locked in a battle of wills with the staff, who soon call on ever stronger weapons: first medicines, then ECT seizures and finally bilateral frontal lobotomy.’
    • ‘So people with frontal lobotomies walked around unable to be passionate about anything.’
    • ‘Like other brain operations, frontal lobotomy was associated with risks of infection, bleeding, and an increased likelihood of developing seizures.’
    • ‘Some patients who have a frontal lobotomy report a different type of pain sensation.’
    • ‘Tens of thousands of frontal lobotomies were performed world-wide from the 1930s to the 1970s to control the symptoms of a variety of mental illnesses, especially schizophrenia.’
    • ‘A number of violent mentally ill patients were given frontal lobotomies after a successful campaign by Dr. Walter Freeman in the early 20th century.’
    • ‘This isn't so much dumbing down as full frontal lobotomy.’
    • ‘The fringe was cut high up the forehead and although I visited my barbers, Bob's, and specially requested the style, it looked as if a brain surgeon had hacked off my curls in hasty preparation for a frontal lobotomy.’