Definition of frontal lobe in US English:

frontal lobe


  • Each of the paired lobes of the brain lying immediately behind the forehead, including areas concerned with behavior, learning, personality, and voluntary movement.

    • ‘Damage to their temporal lobes or frontal lobes was not as great as those included in the other two groups.’
    • ‘Communication between the temporal lobe and the frontal lobe is also important and this interaction occurs via multiple routes.’
    • ‘Telling the truth however causes activity in the frontal lobe, temporal lobe and cingulate gyrus.’
    • ‘Computed tomography of his brain showed that his frontal lobe and a large portion of his parietal and temporal lobes were missing.’
    • ‘Similarly, the researchers saw a shift in activation from the temporal lobe to the frontal lobe during a language skills task, as teens got older.’


frontal lobe

/ˈfrən(t)l loʊb/