Definition of front burner in English:

front burner


  • The focus of attention.

    ‘a revamp of the 1872 Mining Law is next up on the front burner’
    Compare with back-burner
    • ‘I want to go through several issues that are going to be on the front burner once Congress returns to Washington right after Labor Day, beginning with the minimum wage.’
    • ‘It may be that this is part of a larger strategy to get ID to the educational front burner nationwide, but that there is no real intent on the part of the School Board or its handlers to push this case all the way to the Supreme Court.’
    • ‘Her stunning 3-part series on Michael ran during the height of the political season last fall when the issues of gay marriage and gay rights were on the front burner.’
    • ‘It seems, Lou that here in Washington, we are starting to hear more, both on Capitol Hill and also coming from the White House, that this is now a front burner issue.’
    • ‘It took the 9/11 attacks to put the threat of terrorism on Washingtons front burner.’
    • ‘Well, an explicit new document from the Vatican puts the issue of homosexuality within the priesthood on the front burner.’
    • ‘I mean, here we are at a point in time where Africa is once again very much on the front burner, but still the big question is how best to help.’
    • ‘But with the Public Works scandal still on the front burner and Liberal wrongdoings or incompetence the focus of that, there is no guarantee that the Liberals will enjoy a cakewalk back to power.’
    • ‘The bored and predictable media will hopefully be asking all these GOP conventioneers if they disavow the ads, so the issue of dirty tricks and Republican funding stays on the front burner.’
    • ‘There continues to be a need to raise awareness and keep equality on the front burner.’
    • ‘But narrative discipline is obviously not on the front burner for the young filmmakers, so the attention is shifted to niftier stuff, like running through the woods at night or playing around with prop guns.’
    • ‘In fact, it is dramatically more on the front burner today in Europe than the US because the European economies are growing more slowly.’
    • ‘Federal and state policymakers should place on the policy front burner the task of finding, training, and retaining nurses and CNAs.’
    • ‘The nation's massive debt load and soaring federal spending are fast becoming front burner issues in this election year.’
    • ‘Though ending racial inequality and establishing affirmative action was just one of the several issues on LBJ's front burner, Vietnam overshadowed them all.’
    • ‘And this act of terrorism, I am certain, will put this concern and the lack of resources and dedication on the front burner, and we can do a lot more.’
    • ‘So right now, it appears that the dialogue is on the front burner.’
    • ‘Well, the risky business of keeping troops fed, fueled, armed and, of course, on the move is on the front burner this week.’
    • ‘But it wasn't really front burner - it wasn't really engaging the political reports.’
    • ‘It quotes those who would like to see the issue on the front burner.’