Definition of frolicsomeness in US English:



  • See frolicsome

    • ‘The golden calf, as we have said on many occasions, was the physical embodiment of the drives of the body: eternal youth and fun (a calf represents frolicsomeness, and gold represents eternity).’
    • ‘They were a group of merry youngsters, almost maddened with the exuberant frolicsomeness of their years.’
    • ‘Can you feel the frolicsomeness and the untamed energy that this group emits?’
    • ‘They tease one another, butt with their horns in fun, run off, return, pretend new attacks and new flights with charming agility and frolicsomeness.’
    • ‘Amused by his own frolicsomeness, he sways from side to side, waggling a finger if your attention looks like wandering.’