Definition of frogspawn in English:



  • The eggs of a frog, which are surrounded by transparent jelly.

    • ‘Come to think of it, that idyllic childhood I remember in rural Herefordshire, climbing trees and dipping for frogspawn in the village pond - was that mine or simply some clever adman's vision of a perfect England that never was?’
    • ‘If you need some frogspawn to get started then advertise in a local shop or on your school/nursery noticeboard for frogspawn from a local garden pond - you only need between 12-15 eggs to get started.’
    • ‘We once collected a tank full of frogspawn from the stale stream that followed the line.’
    • ‘She knew exactly when the frogspawn would appear, and could tell when it was about to rain.’
    • ‘In the spring, the children used to collect frogspawn and take it home in jam jars.’
    • ‘A spokesman for the Wetland Centre said there are already signs that this will be an excellent breeding year for amphibians with large clumps of frogspawn evident in shallow pools throughout the reserve.’
    • ‘There's no frogspawn in the wildlife pond yet, but it won't be long before there is.’
    • ‘One of our amphibian friends has left a batch of golden yellow frogspawn in our pond overnight!’
    • ‘There is a lot of frogspawn about and we would ask people not move it to other ponds because of a risk of disease.’
    • ‘I wandered out the back as usual this morning, and see that there's a dollop of frogspawn in the pond.’
    • ‘The Woodland Trust, an environmental charity, said signs of a warm, dry spring were all around with frogspawn being reported in Scotland weeks earlier than normal.’
    • ‘It's now seven weeks since the frogspawn was laid and we have thousands of ‘proper’ tadpoles.’
    • ‘Of birds and flowers we saw none but as proof of the change of season there was frogspawn, though slugs of spring snow persisting in swallow holes.’
    • ‘In the spring the water was filled with sticklebacks and frogspawn - enough to delight any youngster and he would catch them in a small net and take a few home in a glass jar.’
    • ‘Neon green frogspawn is the best looking in my opinion.’
    • ‘Suitably inwardly calmed, he returned with the role of McCabe, a maverick wildlife liaison officer who wasn't afraid to use unorthodox methods to get results when it came to bad people taunting squirrels or baiting frogspawn.’
    • ‘It's interesting as we had frogspawn by the 16th last year, but I suspect it will be later this year.’
    • ‘Once more at this time of the year, teachers, parents and others are having to put with that hardy annual encumbrance - the jam jar full of frogspawn in the window sill.’