Definition of frog orchid in US English:

frog orchid


  • A small orchid with inconspicuous green flowers, growing chiefly on chalky grassland in north temperate regions.

    Coeloglossum viride, family Orchidaceae

    • ‘Five species of orchid have been recorded at Winks Meadow - common spotted, green-winged, bee, pyramidal and frog orchid at its only remaining site in Suffolk.’
    • ‘There are millions upon millions of ruby bloody cranesbills, exquisite emerald frog orchids, and for sapphires you have spring gentians, their blue so rich and solid, you can imagine they are brooches pinned to the turf.’
    • ‘Also in early summer you need to look for black vanilla, mirror and frog orchids and Bertoloni's bee.’
    • ‘There is nowhere quite like Tiree - to stroll over the machair, covered with clover, wild thyme, harebells and frog orchids, is to slough off every vestige of urban stress.’
    • ‘If you look carefully, you will see bee orchids and the diminutive frog orchid flourish on the quarry floor.’