Definition of frizz in US English:



[with object]
  • 1Form (hair) into a mass of small, tight curls or tufts.

    ‘her hair was frizzed up in a style that seemed matronly’
    • ‘It was like he had dumped water on himself and frizzed his hair around.’
    • ‘His brown, wavy hair was frizzed from tossing in his sleep and he was breathing heavily.’
    • ‘According to President Watson, rumor has it that Denver was chosen because ‘the weather did not frizz one's hair.’’
    • ‘My hair will still be wet when she comes; I won't have time to frizz it up.’
    • ‘My hair was limp, stringy, greasy, and frizzed from all the dyeing I did to it.’
    • ‘Her hair was frizzed and disheveled from a night of worry and sorrow.’
    • ‘Hairdressers for a long time have been trying to perfect curling hair without damaging or frizzing the ends.’
    • ‘That summer the Puerto Rican girls had straightened their hair like Mariah Carey but the white girls were still frizzing their hair out with big perms.’
    • ‘The day is hot, humid, and overcast - the kind of day that frizzes hair and dampens spirits.’
    • ‘My hair was frizzed and my natural curls had returned.’
    • ‘Her wine red hair was frizzed, and her jaw was clenched.’
    • ‘She had frizzed black hair and wore a severe navy blue blazer and skirt.’
    • ‘Around the same time, French women frizzed their hair with heat and then sculpted it to towering heights.’
    • ‘A fringe of frizzed hair conceals a narrow band.’
    • ‘His hair was all frizzed up and he wore a happy smile.’
    • ‘She had gray frizzed hair tied back in a loose bun and she was wearing a long, black dress.’
    • ‘It was too much work to frizz it up, so I was just going to stuff it under a baseball cap again.’
    • ‘Her long, scarlet hair hung loose from the French braids, and was frizzed from the night's sleep.’
    • ‘Priya was a mad scientist; she wore a white lab coat with her hair frizzed out to the ends.’
    • ‘She pulled the comforter off of her head, frizzing her mousy brown hair.’
    curly, curled, corkscrew, crimped, crinkled, crinkly, kinked, kinky, waved, frizzed, corrugated
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    1. 1.1no object (of hair) form itself into a mass of small tight curls.
      ‘his hair had frizzed out symmetrically’
      • ‘She didn't have very long hair, and it was naturally wavy, so when let down it started to frizz.’
      • ‘It also keeps hair from frizzing and protects it, especially the ends, before flat-ironing.’
      • ‘They are smoother than mesh rollers and less likely to catch the hair, causing it to tangle or frizz.’
      • ‘Long locks of once-blonde hair now frizzed in greasy clumps filled with dirt and thorns.’
      • ‘It has a tendency to frizz up and stick out over my ears so I look like a crazed koala.’
      • ‘We recommend using a Silicon spray to protect the synthetic hair from frizzing, drying out and fading’
      • ‘It was straight, but she had small curls around her forehead from the rain and it was starting to frizz slightly.’
      • ‘Since dry hair is most likely to frizz and look dull, it really needs moisture.’
      • ‘Needless to say, his hair frizzed massively.’
      • ‘Looking over to the small mirror hung on the wall, Nicola noticed her hair was still in the knot Lenni had put it in for the ball, but now some hair had fallen out of it while other parts frizzed.’
      • ‘My eyeliner is all smudged, and my hair is frizzing out in tendrils because of the humidity.’
      • ‘Here at Chiggy we understand how different curly hair is - how it shrinks, frizzes and needs lots of moisture.’
      • ‘I sighed as I realized how much my hair had frizzed from the rain.’
      • ‘Make sure that the split end areas are dried as straight as possible since splits look worse when they are allowed to wave, curl, frizz or spike out.’
      • ‘She cried as her pretty curls began to frizz in the rain.’
      • ‘Danny Masterson, highly annoyed at the the moisture in the summer air frizzing up his perfectly gelled hair, moped around from station to station.’
      • ‘Are you fed up of your hair frizzing up whenever you step out into damp and humid air?’
      • ‘The crimson ribbon had unraveled and his silver-blonde hair was spilling out over his shoulders, frizzing slightly.’
      • ‘My hair can frizz out to double its size in 4 minutes on a humid day.’
      • ‘Her dark red hair frizzed in a manner that would have been comical if her gaze was not one of hatred.’


  • The state of being formed into a mass of tight curls or tufts.

    ‘a perm designed to add curl without frizz’
    • ‘It's half curly, half straight with blonde on top and brown underneath and loads of frizz.’
    • ‘She looked lovely, aside from the mess of half-formed curls and frizz that sat atop her head.’
    • ‘Danilo says that these days, there's no excuse for frizz.’
    • ‘His essential hair products for summer are a good leave-in conditioner and an anti-chlorine shampoo - although to prevent frizz, try not to shampoo too often.’
    • ‘The key to re-creating this style at home is to contain any wild frizz and to let the curls naturally air-dry.’
    • ‘‘It got rid of my frizz but didn't feel gooey or sticky like other products I've used,’ reported one tester with hard-to-manage locks.’
    • ‘This technique works best on straight hair and can be risky for frizzy hair, as poorly executed razoring can make the frizz worse.’
    • ‘She has long, straight brown hair completely free of frizz and deep blue eyes.’
    • ‘Tame your hair into dreads and don't wash so it eventually reaches the state where it cleans and takes care of itself and washing it would only stir up the dormant dandruff, and cause unnecessary frizz.’
    • ‘We're finishing hair with new products that control frizz and fuzz, but keep it soft and sexy.’
    • ‘Doing the opposite will only cause the hair cuticle to become rough, creating unnecessary frizz.’
    • ‘So whether your concern is dullness, damage, frizz or fragility, we have the answers to ease even the toughest hair-care woes.’
    • ‘I've also realised lately that if I don't towel-dry my hair, but apply product right away and let it dry evenly, there's a lot less frizz.’
    • ‘After dealing with frizz and the issues faced by blondes, he turned his attention to brunettes, whose main complaint was dull, listless hair.’
    • ‘Otherwise, that is if I've slept on it, I generally have it in a ponytail because at least then the frizz isn't evident unless I turn around.’
    • ‘When used on already dry hair, a flat iron, explains Romero, locks in moisture, creating smooth and shiny locks while eliminating frizz.’
    • ‘Because humidity is sealed out, it doesn't have a chance to cause frizz.’
    • ‘A weekly deep-conditioning mask will add moisture and combat the frizz.’
    • ‘To cut frizz and shape curls, twist small sections of wet hair around your finger (the sections will remain when you remove your finger) and let them air-dry.’
    • ‘Developed with us in mind, it helps eliminate frizz and gives hair a smooth finish.’
    mass, mane, mop, thatch, head, crop, bush, cloud, fuzz, foam, curls, tangle, chaos, cascade, quiff, halo
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Late Middle English (in frizz (sense 2 of the verb)): from French friser. frizz (sense 1 of the verb) dates from the late 16th century.