Definition of frit in English:



  • 1The mixture of silica and fluxes that is fused at high temperature to make glass.

    • ‘He poured his solution in, and watched in horror and disbelief as the white membrane filter dissolved and merrily sluiced through the glass frit along with his compound.’
    • ‘The panels are made of varying sizes of glass frit that, when melted, trap varying sizes of air bubbles.’
    • ‘Visual transparency can also be controlled by applying frit to both sides of the glass so that at some angles it appears transparent, and at other angles it appears opaque.’
    • ‘If required, the frit can be ground into powder by conventional grinding techniques.’
    1. 1.1 A calcined and pulverized mixture used to make soft-paste porcelain or ceramic glazes.
      • ‘The ceramic frit is chromatically and tonally matched to the Portland Stone facade at the north-east corner of Broadcasting House.’
      • ‘Every blend of frit is fire tested to ensure beautiful results.’


  • Make into frit.

    • ‘The solid fritted bonding material consists essentially of a blended wax composition and a powder.’
    • ‘The ‘whiteness’ of various fritted products may vary slightly from piece to piece due to minor color variations in the batch mix.’


Mid 17th century: from Italian fritta, feminine past participle of friggere to fry.