Definition of frisket in English:



  • 1A thin metal frame keeping the paper in position during printing on a hand press.

    1. 1.1US Fluid or adhesive paper used in painting or crafts to cover areas of a surface on which paint is not wanted.
      • ‘Remember that any application of frisket must be painted over before a batik-like effect is visible.’
      • ‘He has mastered a technique of successive washes using masking friskets and dry brush, making the fish come to life on paper.’
      • ‘They particularly loved the shadow-box assignment and working with the frisket.’
      • ‘To the best of my knowledge, all liquid masking fluids or liquid friskets are made from liquid latex.’
      • ‘Next, I decided to try something new and have students block out the shapes that they had drawn with some frisket, which is masking film commonly used by airbrush artists.’


Late 17th century: from French frisquette, from Provençal frisqueto, from Spanish frasqueta.