Definition of Frisbee in US English:


(also frisbee)


  • 1A concave plastic disk designed for skimming through the air as an outdoor game or amusement.

    • ‘People are going to be throwing frisbees no matter what.’
    • ‘And it's been interesting having children throw frisbees at me, even though they seemed to be aiming for my head.’
    • ‘People were taking walks, going fishing in the pond, throwing frisbees for their dogs, or simply having lunch in the shade of the trees.’
    • ‘As I pulled into the driveway, I noticed the numerous chew toys and frisbees scattered here and there.’
    • ‘Here again we found ourselves behind a group of school children enthusiastically volunteering to feed the sea lions and throw them frisbees at the afternoon show.’
    1. 1.1 The game or amusement of skimming a Frisbee.
      ‘kids were playing Frisbee’
      • ‘Kids walked around with their parents, and a few played frisbee or tossed a baseball around.’
      • ‘A group of people who were playing frisbee nearby asked if we could be stand-in bodies for them.’
      • ‘This is supposedly the best season for opportunists to appear on campus and steal while we are out enjoying the sun and playing frisbee.’
      • ‘Suggest going to the park for a game of rounders, cricket or frisbee.’
      • ‘I just don't want to be told to enjoy it by people with lobster-red peeling skin, who have just spent eight ‘glorious’ hours playing frisbee in the park while attempting to catch enough rays to get skin cancer.’
      • ‘For as much as $950 a week, you and your dog can bunk-in with others and enjoy such fun as playing frisbee, square dancing and kissing contests.’
      • ‘In the afternoon I went to Brockwell Park and sat around with friends and attempted to play frisbee.’
      • ‘Then Neil and I headed off to a nearby park to play frisbee.’
      • ‘We played frisbee next to a queue of what must have been a thousand young women waiting to get Tokio's autographs.’
      • ‘When we got home, Mom and I played some frisbee in the back yard.’
      • ‘With the medication, he's able to kneel down, play frisbee with his dog, and socialise with his retired friends.’
      • ‘So far, he says, giving up alcohol has made him much more clear-headed, with energy to pursue other interests from kayaking and frisbee to films and theatre.’
      • ‘Moriah and I paired up for most of the activities, which included tennis and frisbee.’
      • ‘At the few I attended, for instance, the party seemed to involve listening to folk music and playing frisbee, which is a source of joy for a fairly small slice of the population.’
      • ‘We all laughed, and then ran over with everyone else, and started playing frisbee!’
      • ‘In July we will be getting together for some food and frisbee in one of Saskatoon's downtown parks (probably Kinsmen) for some an all-ages picnic and barbecue.’
      • ‘He sprained his ankle playing frisbee in Greenwich.’
      • ‘Also, somehow, in the midst of being homeschooled and hating sports, I've managed to have never, ever played frisbee in my entire life.’
      • ‘‘At Monash we played billiards and frisbee,’ reminisced Jon Faine.’
      • ‘Any raised voices are quickly countered with: ‘Hey man, chill, we're playing frisbee.’’


1950s: said to be named after the Frisbie bakery (Bridgeport, Connecticut), whose pie tins could be used similarly.