Definition of fringed orchid in US English:

fringed orchid


  • A North American orchid with a flower that has a fringed lip.

    Genus Habenaria, family Orchidaceae: many species

    • ‘In 1999, there were 175 known populations of the fringed orchid in North America.’
    • ‘Hundreds of western prairie fringed orchids are gearing up to bloom following the July 4 weekend on northwestern Minnesota prairies.’
    • ‘In Missouri, populations of western prairie fringed orchid occur in rich, deep-soil upland prairies.’
    • ‘The eastern prairie fringed orchid is found in moist to wet tallgrass prairie.’
    • ‘I believe that the raw manure from this operation will threaten to adversely affect a rare endangered plant species, the western prairie fringed orchid.’
    • ‘The eastern prairie fringed orchid was once widespread across the upper Midwest, with additional populations in Oklahoma, Virginia, New Jersey, and Maine.’
    • ‘The creamy white flowers of the Western prairie fringed orchid typically begin to open at the end of June.’
    • ‘The western prairie fringed orchid is found in moist prairie or sedge meadow habitats.’
    • ‘The western prairie fringed orchid is a perennial; however, differences exist between North Dakota and Minnesota populations in how long an individual plant lives.’
    • ‘Continued monitoring, both of populations and of individual plants, is needed to understand the interactions between prairie fringed orchids and their environment.’
    • ‘The technical review report on the proposal mentions on page 13 that ‘western prairie fringed orchids are known to be present on the proposed site.’’
    • ‘The threatened western prairie fringed orchid was documented at Pipestone National Monument, Minnesota, in 1985.’
    • ‘Yellow fringed orchids are found in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, the northernmost limit of their range.’
    • ‘The large purple fringed orchid depends upon fungi in forest soil to help it absorb nutrients early in life, as do most orchids.’
    • ‘Because the fringed orchids depend on butterflies and moths for pollination, the highly restricted use of pesticides in our parks also may have played a role in maintaining the survival of the local population of hawk moths from generation to generation, enabling the orchids to continue to produce seed for succeeding generations.’
    • ‘The decline of the eastern prairie fringed orchid has been the result of the conversion of prairie habitat to cropland.’
    • ‘Western prairie fringed orchids are large, showy plants, with dozens of white blossoms, each with a distinctive fringed lip.’
    • ‘Learn more about prairie fringed orchids and other endangered and threatened species.’
    • ‘The Western prairie fringed orchid is a perennial, which means that an individual plant may live for many years.’
    • ‘Actually, fringed orchids have been documented on this property since 1992, with as many as 200 flowering stems seen from the road and adjacent properties.’