Definition of freshener in US English:



  • 1A substance or device that makes something fresher or cleaner.

    ‘parsley is a natural breath freshener’
    ‘chemicals that smell like toilet freshener’
    • ‘A room freshener is good place to start.’
    • ‘Finally, this fabric freshener freshens clothes without harsh chemicals.’
    • ‘There you go—fast, natural, non-chemical, static stopper and clothes freshener.’
    • ‘Instead of turning toilet water blue and hanging by a wire, the fairly large freshener hangs in the bowl on a plastic hanger.’
    • ‘The overall effect puts the penchant on this side of the Atlantic for furry dice and tree-shaped car fresheners in some kind of context.’
    • ‘Must we all start sticking up more citrus-blossom fresheners around the office?’
    • ‘Baking soda is the best freshener I know.’
    • ‘The scent of smoke filled the air, the small air freshener on the desk failing to cover the smell.’
    • ‘Many fresheners come in spray form, allowing you to use them on an as-needed basis.’
    • ‘There are samples, loads of them, from antacids to mouth fresheners.’
  • 2North American A quantity of a drink that refills a partly full glass or cup.

    ‘yes, thank you, I will take a freshener’