Definition of freshen up in US English:

freshen up

phrasal verb

  • Revive oneself by washing oneself or changing into clean clothes.

    ‘I freshened up by having a shower’
    • ‘After checking in to our hotel and freshening up, we'll head into the national park.’
    • ‘We freshened up; I then asked her where the water was flowing from, to which she answered that the water was flowing from the mountains.’
    • ‘We freshened up, had dinner, went for a drive, came back and had a drinks session.’
    • ‘After a satisfying period of lounging around, reading the papers, and gazing out at the bunnies hip-hopping about in the snow, we moved up to our bedroom to get freshened up for the evening.’
    • ‘After freshening up, enjoy an unforgettable tour.’
    • ‘It is likely that your husband will then fall promptly asleep so adjust your clothing, freshen up and apply your night time face and hair products.’
    • ‘We freshen up and head over to our friend Anna's flat in Karlaplan.’
    • ‘If guys do have a spell and get away to freshen up mentally and physically, it's a positive thing.’
    • ‘At its completion I retired to the bathroom to freshen up.’
    • ‘He imagined clean towels and crisp linen, and the opportunity to freshen up and prepare himself for what he figured must be just around the corner for him.’
    • ‘It was a bit of relaxation for the players and a rare chance to let off some steam and freshen up before knuckling down and preparing for Saturday.’
    • ‘We had a good night's sleep in a comfortable four-berth cabin with a window view, and its own shower in which to freshen up when woken at 6am the next day.’
    • ‘Zoe came and got me after I freshened up, and for the first time in years I left the house without wearing any denim.’
    • ‘We had to resort to using baby wipes to freshen up.’
    • ‘If time allows, we will do an afternoon game drive, followed by freshening up for dinner.’
    • ‘After a long day's sightseeing, you won't always want to go back into the centre to eat once you've returned to your hotel to freshen up.’
    • ‘After freshening up get set for an experience at Ranthambore National Park which has, besides tigers, a variety of other wildlife and avian species.’
    • ‘After freshening up we went for an Indian meal at the restaurant a few doors away.’
    • ‘Immediately we are reassured by our genial host Eddie Spear that we have plenty time to freshen up before our much-anticipated dinner and he urges us to repair forthwith.’
    • ‘In the morning we freshened up and had our breakfast.’
    • ‘We freshened up, had breakfast and then left decided to do some shopping.’
    • ‘He is back on the warpath, freshened up and revitalised by his months away from Downing Street.’
    have a wash, wash oneself, bathe, shower
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