Definition of fresh gale in US English:

fresh gale


  • A wind of force 8 on the Beaufort scale (34-40 knots or 39-46 mph).

    • ‘Meteorological observations show that fresh gales have been reported in the mountain's base camp area since the beginning of April, with the momentary wind power reaching force 12.’
    • ‘There will be strong breezes to fresh gales in the Yellow and Bohai Seas as well as in eastern Shandong, southern Liaoning, and the coastal areas of Hebei Province and Tianjin Municipality.’
    • ‘Due to the fresh gales that sweep across this rugged coastline, it has escaped the pitfalls of progress which blight Spain's other coastlines.’
    • ‘We had no sooner got clear of Port Praya, than we got a fresh gale, which blew in squalls, attended with showers of rain.’
    • ‘Typhoon Rusa is bringing fresh gales to coastal areas in east China, according to a forecast from China's Central Meteorological Station Friday.’