Definition of fresh-faced in US English:



  • Having a clear and young-looking complexion.

    ‘he looked like a fresh-faced schoolboy’
    • ‘Walls are plastered with posters of fresh-faced teenagers.’
    • ‘I was a fresh-faced, motorcycle-riding teenager when the first one rolled off the production line back in June 1976.’
    • ‘The old school photograph shows a handsome, fresh-faced teenage boy staring awkwardly at the camera.’
    • ‘Yet that was the day when a fresh-faced teenager became a man.’
    • ‘Also satisfied with his day's work was Scotland's Steven O'Hara, who is all of one day younger than the equally fresh-faced leader.’
    • ‘With pop music playing, they always look so young, fresh-faced, attractive and carefree, and make me feel so old, ugly and decrepit.’
    • ‘Like many fresh-faced young attorneys, she was eager to tackle a big case.’
    • ‘He next encounters a fresh-faced young girl from his office, Toyo.’
    • ‘She turned around and saw the fresh-faced teenager, barely more then seventeen sitting next to a small baby strapped into a car seat.’
    • ‘With his fresh-faced and boyish good-looks Decker becomes the object of unwanted attention, especially in the showers.’
    • ‘She arrived fresh-faced and very young, but she quickly became absorbed into life in the jungle.’
    • ‘Before anyone forgets, the fresh-faced teenager was still playing in the Under 19s this time last month.’
    • ‘My father, a fresh-faced young man, newly employed by a paper company, looks very proper and gentlemanly.’
    • ‘But that was before the fresh-faced young man from Cork Constitution had his say.’
    • ‘Just shy of her thirtieth birthday, she must have passed as a fresh-faced teenager.’
    • ‘Among those to be found celebrating Airdrie United's second division title at a quarter to five yesterday was a fresh-faced young man wearing a suit.’
    • ‘Here's what he has learned working with both CEOs and fresh-faced young missionaries.’
    • ‘There he sees a pretty and fresh-faced young woman who asks him, in a voice slightly tinged with a foreign accent, to take a seat.’
    • ‘Big Green Blue are a fresh-faced group of teens possessing more than a smattering of talent and good fortune, who are about to test the waters of success.’
    • ‘The Leppard boys were fresh-faced and very young.’
    youthful, young, childlike, adolescent, teenage, teenaged
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/ˈfrɛʃ ˈˌfeɪst//ˈfreSH ˈˌfāst/