Definition of frequently in English:



  • Regularly or habitually; often.

    ‘they go abroad frequently’
    • ‘Because there is less trauma to the eye, the procedure can be repeated frequently.’
    • ‘Our regulars use it frequently to see if the line is long or how busy it is.’
    • ‘He has frequently bemoaned the absence of sequins and glitter in recent national finals.’
    • ‘Why do mindless vandals frequently ruin our beautiful parks and public buildings?’
    • ‘These pictures frequently turn up in company reports and on the business pages.’
    regularly, often, very often, all the time, habitually, customarily, routinely, usually, normally, commonly
    again and again, time and again, over and over again, repeatedly, recurrently, continually, constantly
    many times, many a time, lots of times, on several occasions
    oft, oft-times
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