Definition of frequent in US English:



Pronunciation /ˈfrēkwənt//ˈfrikwənt/
  • 1Occurring or done on many occasions, in many cases, or in quick succession.

    ‘frequent changes in policy’
    ‘the showers will become heavier and more frequent’
    • ‘At frequent intervals during the game he would ask me questions, none of which were of a technical nature.’
    • ‘Gone are the moving parts that needed to be cleaned at frequent intervals.’
    • ‘Burning at such frequent intervals kills longleaf pine seedlings.’
    • ‘Although I removed the advert from the screen, the persistent thing continues to pop up at frequent intervals, much to my increasing irritation.’
    • ‘These recitations must be roughly repeated at frequent intervals if they are not to be lost.’
    • ‘There are shorter courses available, but it has been my experience that recurrences are more frequent with the shorter treatment cycles.’
    • ‘I didn't know why I kept her around; she annoyed me greatly, at frequent intervals.’
    • ‘The amount of rest I got though is questionable as I kept waking up at frequent intervals during the night.’
    • ‘People at an increased risk should have a complete physical examination and their blood pressure checked at frequent intervals.’
    • ‘But in 2001, my husband started to get fevers at frequent intervals.’
    • ‘Once I considered frequent nursing to be the norm rather than a problem, it made my life much easier.’
    • ‘Recently I've been sensing one such presence, and it's coming back at increasingly frequent intervals.’
    • ‘Heat waves like those that have scorched Europe and the United States in recent weeks are becoming more frequent because of global warming, say scientists who have studied decades of weather records and computer models of past, present and future climate.’
    • ‘These could not be steam trains, because steam locomotives required watering and other servicing at inconveniently frequent intervals.’
    • ‘First, it is highly effective when applied at frequent intervals, up to 15 times per month.’
    • ‘Maybe he fed them chocolate at frequent intervals.’
    • ‘I now eat smaller amounts but at more frequent intervals.’
    • ‘But, there is something else that silently encourages the car manufacturers in the country to come out with new models at frequent intervals.’
    • ‘This is one for me to read again in a few weeks' time and then to re-read at frequent intervals after that.’
    • ‘Soulful music regaled the families dining at Chin Chin, the Chinese restaurant, while a special buffet at the Coffee Pot kept guests coming back for more at frequent intervals.’
    recurrent, recurring, repeated, persistent, periodic, perennial, chronic, continuing, occurring often, continual, constant, incessant, non-stop, endless
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    1. 1.1attributive (of a person) doing something often; habitual.
      ‘a frequent visitor to New England’
      • ‘This particularly affects frequent travelers, those people that are very good customers of the airlines.’
      • ‘Both West and Scales are frequent visitors to Australia.’
      • ‘Bob had been a frequent visitor up to a few years ago.’
      • ‘The guitarist is a frequent visitor to the US, where a revival of his rock opera Tommy on Broadway won the rock star a prestigious Tony award in 1993.’
      • ‘As a frequent visitor to London myself I'm always quite stunned by what I too see as a rather conceited and inward looking design community, talented as it may be.’
      • ‘Friends of Dr Smurfit, including financier Dermot Desmond, are frequent visitors to the club, which has attracted a lot of overseas interest since it was set up.’
      • ‘As a frequent visitor to Pattaya, I read your column regularly on the Internet.’
      • ‘College girls, new-age working women, and even fashion-conscious homemakers are frequent visitors here.’
      • ‘Throughout her life the Queen Mother was a frequent visitor to the Tate, particularly admiring such mavericks as Graham Sutherland and Henry Moore.’
      • ‘Britons have overtaken both the French and the Americans as the most frequent visitors to Berlin - thanks in part to new flights by low-cost airlines targeting the city.’
      • ‘He owned a holiday home in Lurga, Charlestown and was a regular and frequent visitor to the Charlestown area in recent years.’
      • ‘Frank is a frequent visitor to the ‘Big Apple’; his daughter Patricia resides in Manhattan.’
      • ‘Many frequent visitors to the Doorley household over the years belonged to the Rosminian Order, also known as The Institute of Charity.’
      • ‘Lady Glenconner's husband, Lord Glenconner, owns the Caribbean island of Mustique, where the Princess was a frequent visitor.’
      • ‘The least frequent visitors are those from Portugal and Luxembourg, who number 901 and 645 respectively.’
      • ‘As a frequent visitor to Denmark, I simply couldn't resist.’
      • ‘Under the initial scheme at Manchester, immigration officials will store the iris patterns of selected groups of frequent visitors to Britain.’
      • ‘He was a frequent visitor to Dawros, where he stayed and enjoyed meeting the neighbours, especially the late Jim Feehily, who practically lived on the same street.’
      • ‘In that role, she was in charge of training x-ray personnel and became a frequent visitor to hospitals and ambulance stations.’
      • ‘It all seems too good to be true for those people fortunate enough to own homes in the Costa del Golf while frequent visitors to the coast will also find membership considerably beneficial.’
      habitual, customary, regular, common, everyday, daily, routine
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    2. 1.2archaic Found at short distances apart.
      ‘frequent army roadblocks’
      • ‘He said they were hampered by dreadful roads, frequent road blocks and gunpoint identity checks by the soldiers in the area because of the ongoing conflict.’
    3. 1.3Medicine dated (of the pulse) rapid.


[with object]
Pronunciation /friˈkwɛnt//frēˈkwent/
  • Visit (a place) often or habitually.

    ‘bars frequented by soldiers’
    as adjective, with submodifier ‘one of the most frequented sites’
    • ‘He lived in an area frequented by prostitutes and encountered the girl by chance.’
    • ‘In fact, more than a few people I checked with have frequented the place for some time.’
    • ‘He frequents the city centre around the Odeon cinema and Anlaby Road.’
    • ‘The roads are frequented by horses, walkers and cyclists, as well as local traffic.’
    • ‘The station is regarded as a high-risk area frequented by pickpockets and thieves.’
    • ‘We lived on a busy main road in the middle of Liverpool, a road frequented by mini cabs and police vehicles.’
    • ‘These are just a few of the many bird species frequenting the unique habitat of the mangrove lagoons.’
    • ‘We do ask our visitors to clean up after their dogs, especially in the more frequented areas of the estate.’
    • ‘The parasite is found in areas frequented by dogs, such as parks.’
    • ‘Afterwards, many unsavory characters had started frequenting the place, finding it a perfect spot for their less than legal activities.’
    • ‘It can badly affect businesses located in an area frequented by prostitutes and their clients.’
    • ‘It's a fairly gregarious crowd that frequents the place!’
    • ‘He thought that they both looked far too young to be frequenting a place like that but, if they flashed a little money, perhaps their youth might be overlooked.’
    • ‘These encroachments were also considered a security risk for the VIPs frequenting this road.’
    • ‘She said the bag belonged to a vagrant who frequented the area and spent the night at that same spot.’
    • ‘True, he frequented the place, but usually only to get leftovers in the dining area.’
    • ‘Americans are being urged to avoid places frequented by Westerners and cancel unnecessary travel.’
    • ‘Mr Forster said much of the present juvenile delinquency was due to children frequenting the streets with nothing to do.’
    • ‘The shows will be conducted at places frequented by families in the evenings.’
    • ‘The bar across the road frequented by Stuart and his chums does a lovely spicy sausage sandwich to go.’
    visit, visit often, be a regular visitor to, be a regular client of, go to regularly, go to repeatedly, attend, attend frequently
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Late Middle English (in the sense ‘profuse, ample’): from French, or from Latin frequens, frequent- ‘crowded, frequent’, of unknown ultimate origin.