Definition of frequency modulation in US English:

frequency modulation

(also FM)


  • The modulation of a radio or other wave by variation of its frequency, especially to carry an audio signal.

    Often contrasted with amplitude modulation
    • ‘The frequency modulation gives the clarity that makes music more enjoyable.’
    • ‘There are synthesizers that use frequency modulation and other algorithms to generate extraordinarily rich and complex sounds.’
    • ‘The system can tell how tired or stressed the speaker is by detecting irregularities in frequency modulation and analysing other factors, he said.’
    • ‘Each frame of one of Ofer's movies shows a few thousand syllables from a given bird, plotted on a couple of dimensions such as duration and amount of frequency modulation.’
    • ‘These data were not used to measure time lags between the acoustic and seismic channels, but merely to demonstrate the similarity in frequency modulation and duration of signals in both the air and ground.’


frequency modulation

/ˈfrēkwənsē ˌmäjəˈlāSHən/