Definition of French Republican calendar in US English:

French Republican calendar


  • A reformed calendar officially introduced by the French Republican government on October 5, 1793.

    The calendar was taken to have started on the equinox of September 22, 1792, the day of the proclamation of the Republic. It had twelve months of thirty days each, with five days of festivals at the year's end (six in leap years). The names of the months were Vendémiaire, Brumaire, Frimaire, Nivose, Pluviose, Ventose, Germinal, Floréal, Plairial, Messidor, Thermidor, and Fructidor. The new calendar was abandoned under the Napoleonic regime, and the Gregorian calendar was formally reinstated on January 1, 1806

    • ‘From 1792 to 1806, during the years following the French Revolution, France used a different calendar, the French Republican calendar.’
    • ‘The French Republican calendar was adopted and went into effect November 24th 1793.’
    • ‘France adopted a reformed calendar called the French Republican or Revolutionary calendar, to replace the Gregorian calendar.’
    • ‘This outline will help you convert dates from the French Republican calendar to the standard (Gregorian) calendar.’