Definition of French press in US English:

French press


  • 1trademark in UK A coffee pot containing a plunger made of fine mesh with which the grounds are pushed to the bottom when the coffee is ready to be poured.

    ‘the coffee here comes in a French press’
    • ‘Tickets cost £1 each and prizes include a coffee grinder, coffee beans, a French press and Starbucks mugs.’
    • ‘Gradually the French Press (as it is also known in the US) made its way into our houses.’
    • ‘If you like herbal tea, an infusion of peppermint with sassafras and licorice, served in a French press, is inspiring.’
    • ‘I feed her, take her outside and make some coffee in the French press.’
  • 2An exercise designed to strengthen the triceps muscle, performed by lying face up and lifting and lowering a barbell by straightening and bending the arms.

    ‘only one major muscle is involved in the French press’
    • ‘Then do four sets of 8-10 reps of the lying french press, triceps pressdown and seated or standing french press.’
    • ‘For instance, perform a french press using a cable machine: Place a flat bench lengthwise in front of a cable tower and attach a straight bar to the low pulley.’
    • ‘Position your arms in the same position as the rotating french press.’
    • ‘Lying rope french presses keep the tension on your tri's throughout the motion, compared to the regular EZ-bar french press.’
    • ‘"Rest just so long as it takes for your breathing to become normal and then go right onto the lying french press and then back again to the cheating curl and so on until your sets have been completed."’
    • ‘Lying french presses, pressdowns and similar exercises are great for the lateral head.’
    • ‘The rotating french press is a terrific triceps toner because it really isolates the triceps muscle.’
    • ‘The rotating french press is a valuable addition to your triceps training routine.’
    • ‘Lying French presses (skull-crushers): 12, ten, eight, and then six reps, five to ten pounds of weight for each set.’
    • ‘Going too heavy and not using a slow, controlled movement are two other common errors made when doing the lying french press.’
    • ‘The following are six exercises for the six major muscle groups: close-grip cable rows for back; bench presses for chest; standing barbell curls for biceps; lying French presses for triceps; lateral raises for shoulders; and leg presses for, yep, legs.’
    • ‘The lying French press is critical in the iron sports, including the jerk in weightlifting and the bench press in power-lifting.’
    • ‘Using a moderately heavy weight, do 8-12 reps of dumbbell French presses and then, with no rest, immediately perform 8-12 bench dips.’
    • ‘French presses are commonly known in the gym as "skull-crushers" or "nose-breakers" for a reason - if you're not careful and lower too quickly or too far, you'll knock yourself in the head.’
    • ‘To avoid blurting this unfeminine noise during your sets, have your partner both hand you and remove the weights for awkward lifts, such as the decline chest press, dumbbell hamstring curl or lying french press, to name a few.’
    • ‘This is best accomplished using conventional exercises: barbell and dumbbell curls for biceps; and dips, french presses, press-downs and kickbacks for triceps.’
    • ‘Also known as a decline french press or triceps extension, this is best done toward the beginning of your workout.’
    • ‘OK, so maybe the French had nothing to do with the invention of the rotating french press, this month's triceps sculptor, but it's an innovative move nonetheless.’
    • ‘The lying french press is a good strength movement that really works all three heads of the triceps when done correctly.’
    • ‘The exercise is performed in essentially the same way as the rotating french press except that you won't rotate your forearms.’