Definition of French pastry in US English:

French pastry


  • A rich pastry, often with a filling of fruit or custard.

    • ‘Each morning will begin with a hearty breakfast comprising a hot dish and a buffet of cereals, fruit, yoghurts and fresh French pastries.’
    • ‘Shoko disagreed as she suddenly picked Junko up, spun around, and deposited in her a chair before a ‘breakfast,’ which consisted of a random selection of French pastries.’
    • ‘The frugal person stays home eating chocolate and French pastries instead of doing something productive with his life.’
    • ‘A line of waiters carrying flaming Baked Alaska and pushing carts of French pastries conclude a fabulous meal.’
    • ‘The interesting thing was that they didn't look all that appealing to me at first: they have a much more homely, unsophisticated look than French pastries, which admittedly tend to look like they're dressed to go to the prom.’
    • ‘A selection of French pastries was also served.’
    • ‘It makes a big difference for those yummy French pastries.’
    • ‘Several days passed in a blur of historical sights, bags upon bags of shopping, delicate French pastries, cup after cup of coffee and bursts of girlish giggles.’