Definition of French manicure in US English:

French manicure


  • A style of manicure in which the fingernails are painted pale pink with a white band at the tip.

    • ‘You can throw a punch even with a French manicure.’
    • ‘Some of them enjoyed a make-up or had a French manicure, all complimentary.’
    • ‘Somehow, French manicures and pedicures are still popular.’
    • ‘The 20-minute French manicure resulted in a Cinderella - like transformation of my tatty nails.’
    • ‘Scholtz also testified that no post-mortem sunburn was found on her body, her hair was clean and her French manicure was in pristine condition.’
    • ‘At present the most popular service is the French manicure, which costs £28 and includes artificial nails.’
    • ‘Paste on a perfect French manicure in the cab.’
    • ‘We both got French manicures and look beautimous.’
    • ‘Sporting fishing waders, a ponytail, and a French manicure, Palin defended her decision to resign as Alaska governor in half a dozen interviews broadcast and published yesterday morning.’
    • ‘It offers everything from aromatherapy massages to traditional Chinese foot massage to Indian ear cleaning to French manicure.’
    • ‘And as some other contributors mentioned, they drive nice cars, wear plenty of jewelry, and I've noticed a lot of the women have French manicures.’
    • ‘So red is an option, French manicure is another.’
    • ‘First it was bellybutton rings that started to look trashy, then five kinds of earring, skinny plucked eyebrows, French manicures, long nails and thongs.’
    • ‘The shapes of nails are also different in the French manicure.’
    • ‘She was in the next room at the time, waiting for Karen's expertly-applied French manicure to dry so was in no state to do the massaging herself.’
    • ‘I was unaware she had a French manicure but I think by next week she's going to have an American manicure.’
    • ‘In five minutes, this kit gave us a shiny French manicure without chemicals.’
    • ‘In other personal improvement news, I'm also attempting to learn how to give myself a French manicure.’
    • ‘A French manicure in a natural shade because her dress is ivory.’