Definition of French curve in US English:

French curve


  • A template used for drawing curved lines.

    • ‘It's going to be pretty hard to do this with a French curve on a two valued function.’
    • ‘Segments of French curves can be joined together to make new curves not found on the tools themselves.’
    • ‘Use a French curve to help you maintain the appropriate curve.’
    • ‘Carefully remove the pieces and, using a French curve, connect all the dots, smoothing out any irregularities.’
    • ‘This package consists of four different French curves made of heavy weight clear plastic with all edges perfectly smooth.’
    • ‘I drew the plans myself, straining to recall fifth-form technical drawing as I tried to figure out which way is up on a French curve.’
    • ‘To ensure accurate draughting in any situation, Blundell Harling offers a range of set squares, French curves, flexible curves, protractors and templates.’
    • ‘The French curve is a ruler for non-circular curves.’
    • ‘The French curve is used when marking pattern alterations and design changes.’
    • ‘The present invention also increases the quality of work because the present invention allows for a unique curve to be created, while French curve templates often require several predetermined templates and curves to be used in combination to create a desired curve.’
    • ‘After all the measurements are transferred to the pattern, use a French curve to connect the marks for the new seamlines.’