Definition of French Canadian in English:

French Canadian


  • 1A Canadian whose principal language is French.

    • ‘What to the British Canadians was untamed wilderness, to the French Canadians was settled land.’
    • ‘Women are urged to keep fertility rates high, to maintain the political weight of French Canadians in the Canadian federation.’
    • ‘After a gesture like that, Cherry said, ‘how could you not have a warm feeling toward French Canadians?’’
    • ‘His plans to create a Canadian navy to support the British were insufficient for supporters of the British Empire, and too much for the French Canadians in Quebec.’
    • ‘Because of the proximity of Canada - at least to the large pockets of French-Canadian Americans in New England - many French Canadians in the United States still have strong ties to their home country.’
    • ‘In fact, in the 19th century French Canadians increasingly sought opportunities in the United States.’
    • ‘In fact, the U.S. census of 1990 excludes those from Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, as well as Acadians and French Canadians, from its overall consideration of the Canadian American population.’
    • ‘In this regard, Longley hypothesizes that the historical tensions between French Canadians and English Canadians may be at the root of the issue.’
    • ‘He's pretty much the least French of the French Canadians.’
    • ‘Domestically, it had to incorporate French Canadians and Native peoples, both of whom the former British colonial ruling elite had unsuccessfully attempted to assimilate.’
    • ‘In 1874, Bishop Hendricken created St. Charles Parish for the French Canadians in Providence.’
    • ‘Prominent players of German descent (including Babe Ruth), as well as French Canadians, Poles, Hungarians and Scandinavians, all made an impact on the game.’
    • ‘Yet, this pan-Canadian construction of citizenship was contested, particularly in Quebec where French Canadians did not feel comfortable in the new Canadian nation.’
    • ‘For example, if the coaching and management staff of certain teams hold negative views toward French Canadians, then French Canadians are likely to be underrepresented on those teams.’
    • ‘Thus, both French Canadians and United Empire Loyalists were true Canadians because they remained loyal to the Crown during the American wars of 1776 and 1812.’
    • ‘These sites preserve the history of the fur trade and the involvement of French Canadians in this exciting business.’
    • ‘Just under half the Canadian people were of British origin, with another third being French Canadians.’
    • ‘A major concern of French Canadians today is the preservation of their culture and language against the threat of assimilation into English-speaking North America.’
    • ‘Among Irish speakers of English in Quebec in 1909, sentiments toward French Canadians would have ranged widely, but the choice of English for two of the four text panels subtly reveals shifting alliances among Irish immigrant factions.’
    • ‘Until 1880, immigration policy maintained a population that, apart from French Canadians and Aboriginal peoples, was primarily British.’
  • 2The form of French spoken in Canada.


  • Relating to French-speaking Canadians or their language.

    • ‘By that time, they were the only French-Canadian team that remained in the professional league.’
    • ‘Jack Kerouac, originally Jean-Louis Lebris de Kerouac, was born on March 12, 1922 to French Canadian parents in Lowell, Massachusetts.’
    • ‘We shot the picture in Montreal with a French-Canadian crew.’
    • ‘Farmer introduced the girl from Rosedale to Montreal's French Canadian music community, which ultimately turned her on to new ways of playing and arranging her songs.’
    • ‘Duck, goose, rabbit and maple syrup are some of the more common ingredients in classic French Canadian cuisine.’
    • ‘Richard, for example, a 39-year-old French Canadian father, draws attention to this issue without even being asked about it.’
    • ‘Her father was French Canadian and her mother German and she lived in the Detroit area all her life.’
    • ‘Now, a Canadian study has found that, when it comes to rap music and French Canadian teens at least, certain sub-genres of hip-hop are associated with different troubling behaviors.’
    • ‘You may recall the saga of Ghyslain, the 15-year-old French Canadian kid - otherwise known as ‘The Star Wars Kid’.’
    • ‘He was Canada's first French Canadian Prime Minister.’
    • ‘Many people enjoy the great beauty of the canal, but only a comparative few have pondered the tragic deaths and great suffering endured by the thousands of mainly Irish and French Canadian labourers.’
    • ‘Many of our French-Canadian ancestors used an additional surname, besides the one their parents used.’
    • ‘It was owned by Major Ingham before the second world war and was briefly occupied by French Canadian airmen during wartime but then fell into disrepair during the late 1940s and early 50s.’
    • ‘In the late '70s, French-Canadian teen singer René Simard tried to break into the English market with a variety show.’
    • ‘It is solely her presumed place of birth and French Canadian ancestry that have resulted in her contemporary status as a Canadian national icon.’
    • ‘We have shown that the Province of Quebec underwent a major social transformation beginning in the early 1960s, a corollary of the rapid modernization of French Canadian society.’
    • ‘Jerry's wife, Maria, the daughter of a French-Canadian mother and a Filipino father, helps run the shop.’
    • ‘Other Sunday highlights were the St Jean-Baptiste mass and parade, French Canadian food and music, horse-drawn wagon rides, interactive inflatable games, face painting and much more.’
    • ‘‘It's amazing how French Canadian goalies have done over the years,’ Roy said at the news conference at which he announced his retirement.’
    • ‘My crew was entirely made up of young French Canadian boys who had never left home.’


French Canadian

/ˈˌfrɛntʃ ˈˌkəˈneɪdiən//ˈˌfrenCH ˈˌkəˈnādēən/