Definition of freeze one's blood in US English:

freeze one's blood

(also one's blood freezes)


  • Fill (or be filled) with a sudden feeling of great fear or horror.

    • ‘And just at that moment, she heard the opening notes of a haunting melody that froze her blood.’
    • ‘When Nazar saw the tiger, his blood froze, and everything went dark before his eyes.’
    • ‘The heavy silence descended once more, and Quin felt his blood freeze in his veins.’
    • ‘While I haven't read the story in question, as described here it freezes my blood.’
    • ‘I laughed lightly, though memory of my nightmare seemed to freeze my blood.’
    • ‘Every sideways glance she stole in his direction was enough to make her blood freeze.’
    • ‘The moment I stepped in, my blood froze in shock and I couldn't move.’
    • ‘I twisted my head to look at her- and my blood froze.’
    • ‘Starting to her feet, her eyes met a sight which froze her blood with terror.’
    • ‘Brian looked back at the empty chairs, a sudden terrifying thought making his blood freeze.’