Definition of freeze-dry in US English:



[with object]usually as adjective freeze-dried
  • Preserve (something) by rapidly freezing it and then subjecting it to a high vacuum which removes ice by sublimation.

    ‘freeze-dried beef stew’
    • ‘I generally use freeze-dried herbs, at least 9 grams per day.’
    • ‘The sample for general chemical analysis was freeze-dried and ground to pass a 1-mm sieve.’
    • ‘One source is the Just Tomatoes company which freeze-dries vegetables and fruits, with nothing added.’
    • ‘The combined extracts were then freeze-dried and kept under vacuum to constant weight.’
    • ‘Idaho Technology offers high quality, freeze-dried, ready-to-use reagents for the detection and identification of pathogens and biothreat agents.’
    • ‘Likewise there may be freeze-dried microbes on Mars at the moment that came from Earth.’
    • ‘The animal samples were freeze-dried and ground to a fine powder in a mortar and pestle or in a ball mill.’
    • ‘We've heard about astronauts drinking Tang and eating freeze-dried ice cream.’
    • ‘Those rodents given a diet containing 2 percent freeze-dried spinach were much quicker at learning motor skill tasks than their cousins fed on everyday rat food.’
    • ‘The cores were freeze-dried and ground to a fine powder.’
    • ‘These steaks have been freeze-dried to lock in the freshness of real meat.’
    • ‘This field material was also freeze-dried for further analysis.’
    • ‘Is their experience diminished because they are encumbered with technologies such as ropes, pitons, and freeze-dried foods?’
    • ‘Other brains are freeze-dried in liquid nitrogen, stored in Tupperware or packed into freezers at - 80 degrees Celsius.’
    • ‘He suggested the consistency of the comet is something like freeze-dried astronaut ice cream.’
    • ‘Previously, only freeze-dried sperm from mice had been shown to support embryo development.’
    • ‘Home-dried chives usually lack flavor; the commercial, freeze-dried product is better tasting.’
    • ‘We find a patch of dry ground, cook our last freeze-dried dinner, and build a campfire.’
    • ‘These gourmet freeze-dried herbs offer the taste, aroma and vitamins of fresh herbs.’
    • ‘Then it will take several months to freeze-dry the sections to remove the remaining water, but despite the wait the final result should look excellent.’
    deep-freeze, quick-freeze, put in the freezer, pack in ice, put on ice, ice
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/ˈfriz ˌdraɪ//ˈfrēz ˌdrī/