Definition of freestyle in US English:



  • Denoting a contest or version of a sport in which there are few restrictions on the moves or techniques that competitors employ.

    ‘freestyle wrestling’
    • ‘The most common takedowns come mainly from freestyle wrestling.’
    • ‘Another featured guest was Jim Scherr, the CEO of the U.S. Olympic Committee and a 1988 Olympian in freestyle wrestling.’
    • ‘His request denied, the college football player began Olympic freestyle ski training.’
    • ‘He is a former amateur great, who went on to win a gold medal for freestyle wrestling during the 1996 Olympics.’
    • ‘It's the International Freestyle Slalom Association, and was founded to promote the sport of freestyle slalom, speed slalom, and skate high jump.’
    • ‘Matthew also won silvers in his 50 and 100m freestyle races.’
    • ‘Burzakov's win also marked the 20th gold medal for Bulgaria at a world championship in freestyle wrestling.’
    • ‘Both the men and women skied a 7.5km freestyle race.’
    • ‘Shauna Rafferty won the girls' breaststroke and freestyle races and came second in the backcrawl and third in butterfly.’
    • ‘Under warm, sunny skies, Will Fitzgerald of Confederation College won the men's 15 km CCUNC freestyle race.’
    • ‘Finally, in 2005, the X Games hosted its first women's freestyle contest.’
    • ‘In the men's 10 km freestyle race, Charles Curtis and Justin Faulkner led the way, tying for seventh place.’
    • ‘As he said: ‘One thing I always wanted to do is race Thorpe in a freestyle event.’’
    • ‘Swimmers Darian Townsend, Lyndon Ferns and Karl Thaning race in a freestyle time trial at the Olympic Aquatic Centre.’
    • ‘In the 16 and under group, Josh Chappell was third in both the breaststroke and freestyle races.’
    • ‘The win also provided some competitive salve for a US team that earlier in the day failed to qualify anyone for the 100m freestyle semifinals for the first time in its Olympic history.’
    • ‘In 1931 he started Japan's first freestyle wrestling program at Waseda University.’
    • ‘Japan took home two gold medals in women's freestyle wrestling, making its debut as an Olympic event.’
    • ‘To fill time, they showed Cael Sanderson's victory in freestyle wrestling.’
    • ‘Simon, Jacob, Aaron and Joseph were third in the freestyle, while the Gold team of Joseph, Josh, Darren and Rohan was second in both medley and freestyle races.’


  • A contest in which there are few restrictions, in particular a swimming race in which competitors may use any stroke.

    • ‘Distance freestyle is the realm of Swedish import, Asa Sandlund, who finished third in the mile last year.’
    • ‘At the trials, I am also swimming in the 200m freestyle as a warm up event, as it is on the first day.’
    • ‘Freshman Travis Beckerle may contribute in the distance freestyles.’
    • ‘The most recent world records by Ian Thorpe in the 200 and 400 meter freestyles are the latest testaments to the strength of freestyle swimming by Australians.’
    • ‘Hall qualified to swim the 50 and 100 freestyles at Sydney.’
    • ‘Alexander Popov, winner of the 50 and 100 freestyles, and Evgeni Sadovyi, winner of the 200 and 400 freestyles-displayed a potent combination of power and grace.’
    • ‘Ironically, I think it not only led to Inge's world records in the sprint freestyles, but in the 50 and 100 fly as well because it helped her endurance for fly.’
    • ‘In January I raced a 1650 freestyle with my heart rate monitor on, and I was anaerobic the whole way.’
    • ‘Marie Marsman, who was a part of those relays, also won the 50 and 100 freestyles.’
    • ‘Jamie Salter bowed out in style by winning the 200m freestyle, in what was his last race.’
    • ‘While Ukraine's Yana Klochkova still is the world's best medleyist, the middle distance and distance freestyles are up for grabs, as is the 200 fly and, surprisingly, both backstrokes.’
    • ‘In late February, while in heavy training, Crocker lowered the American record in the 100 yard fly and posted blistering times in the 50 and 100 freestyles.’
    • ‘Amanda rounded out her exceptional meet by swimming to a top-eight finish in the 200 and 400 freestyles.’
    • ‘Who do you think will be the main challengers in the 50m freestyle for Athens?’
    • ‘In freestyle, the fastest swimmers had the greatest distance per stroke at slow swimming speeds.’
    • ‘Anderson placed sixth last year in both the 50 and 100 freestyles.’
    • ‘Though the sprint freestyles for Texas are solid, its lack of depth everywhere else will probably keep the Longhorns near the bottom of the top 10.’
    • ‘Let's change our priorities and put the emphasis back where it belongs - on the 50 and 100 meter freestyles.’
    • ‘Meyer won the 200, 400 and 800 freestyles, becoming the first woman to win three individual swimming gold medals in a single Olympics.’
    • ‘This included sweeps of the 100 and 200 freestyles, led by Ethel Lackie and Martha Norelius, respectively.’