Definition of freeman in US English:



  • 1A person who is entitled to full political and civil rights.

  • 2historical A person who is not a slave or serf.

    • ‘Bordars were reported on more than 90 per cent of estates, villans on about 60 per cent and freemen and sokemen on about 10 per cent of estates.’
    • ‘Although Norwich's custumal prohibited serfs from becoming freemen, it may be doubted that a thorough enquiry was made of the background of each applicant.’
    • ‘These freemen were also responsible for helping the lord of the shire when he went hunting, and for various other services.’
    • ‘Above the serfs were the Villeins, freemen who were tied to their lord's land, equivalent to the Saxon gebur.’
    • ‘The problem of loyalty was reflected in the ceremonial developments of the act of commendation in which a freeman became a vassal.’