Definition of freehold in English:



  • 1Permanent and absolute tenure of land or property with freedom to dispose of it at will.

    Often contrasted with leasehold
    • ‘The Crown does not normally make grants to itself in freehold or by lease.’
    • ‘The deal included the transfer of two pieces of land in freehold, the right to hunt and carry out ceremonies, and a strong management role with seven jobs in a new national park.’
    • ‘Title is called feudal or ‘feuhold’ tenure which is the equivalent of freehold and is absolute title.’
    • ‘Dutton spent almost $200,000 to secure freehold of his land and save it from selectors.’
    • ‘There are currently two main ways of owning property in England and Wales: freehold and leasehold.’
    • ‘The millions of dollars spent on native title processes in Victoria could have bought some pretty substantial chunks of land in freehold to be returned to indigenous ownership.’
    • ‘Later it was owned perhaps by the lord of the manor, but no individual ownership, much less freehold, existed.’
    • ‘Each Aboriginal community needs to decide whether freehold would suit the community best.’
    • ‘I understand it is the same in relation to freehold and leasehold, that you can be convicted of trespass.’
    • ‘The biggest decision is whether to go for freehold or leasehold.’
    1. 1.1the freehold The ownership of a piece of land or property by permanent tenure.
      • ‘The group has the freehold of the land, off Bredon Road, at the top of the Mitton Estate.’
      • ‘Southend Council owns the freehold of the airport and ran it until the 1990s, when mounting losses forced them to lease it out to other operators.’
      • ‘In 1998, he secured the freehold of the complex for an estimated €30m but the 2,000-plus acre site has since reportedly quadrupled in value.’
      • ‘For its part, City of York Council confirmed it holds the freehold of the property and said that the present tenant's lease runs out in 2177.’
      • ‘After four attempts he has secured the freehold to a stunning Georgian building on George Street, Edinburgh's smartest shopping district.’
      • ‘The company acquired the freehold on the land around two years ago but the club has a long lease on the site.’
      • ‘More than 50 developers had gone on to pay £150 for a CD package giving technical information which would be required for them to prepare detailed proposals to acquire the freehold.’
      • ‘The group subsequently sold the freehold and purchased the leasehold.’
      • ‘Barnsley Council has been accused of a ‘terrible betrayal’ of working class communities after it made a controversial decision to sell off the freehold of four working men's clubs.’
      • ‘As the council still have the freehold for the car park we will be liaising with them.’
      • ‘As a leaseholder you have the right to extend the lease for 90 years or even to buy the freehold if certain criteria are met, though the application process is expensive and takes a long time.’
      • ‘The county council has now agreed to transfer the freehold of land at Darlingscote Road to the district council.’
      • ‘Greenwich Council is now buying the freehold on adjacent land formerly occupied by Kent Motors to allow for a more spread-out, spacious building.’
      • ‘The General Property Trust bought the freehold over the 104 square kilometres in December 1997.’
      • ‘It means that instead of being tenants we will own the freehold of the building so we can really make plans for the future of the club.’
      • ‘Richmond upon Thames Council, which owns the freehold of the site as well as the car park to the rear and another building, is looking at the potential of the area for a limited mixed-use development scheme.’
      • ‘My solicitor calls having finally sorted out the final problem, which was the result of a small detail being overlooked and not chased up when the residents bought the property's freehold.’
      • ‘The freehold of the block was owned by one of the companies of the Grosvenor Estate.’
      • ‘The leaseholders have bought their flats in blocks which still have council tenants, but they do not own the freehold.’
      • ‘We were able to buy the freehold for £10,000, which added a huge amount of value.’
    2. 1.2 A piece of land or property held by permanent tenure.
      • ‘City analysts believe that Coleman could partly finance any offer by selling some of the group's valuable freeholds and then leasing back the stores.’
      • ‘The University of York bought the freehold from the York Civic Trust, which maintained an interest, but was forced to put it on the market because of the growing cost of structural repairs.’
      • ‘The other reason is that York is an increasingly popular shopping centre and freeholds don't come up that often.’
      • ‘Then a month after that deal was done, Keelwalk came back and said we could buy the freehold.’
      • ‘You are entitled to purchase a plot of land in Spain as a freehold and own it outright, in the same way that a Spanish person could come to Ireland and buy land.’
      • ‘There are fears rents could spiral forcing them out of business and the clubs demolished for housing if the authority presses ahead with an auction of freeholds next month.’
      • ‘The law allows foreigners to hold 49 per cent of the units in a condominium freehold and, in certain cases, a full 100 per cent.’
      • ‘At a meeting yesterday, it was decided to sell the freehold together with the fixtures and fittings of the Assembly Rooms, in Blake Street.’
      • ‘And also I shall have within a year and a day a freehold within the town (as a burgess should), at which I may be summoned, or else lose my burgess status forever.’
      • ‘They rearranged their estates to create larger tenant farms on rack rents, with a decline in small yeomen farmers with customary tenure or freeholds.’
      • ‘Similarly, there is no reduction in the value of the property because it is a leasehold rather than a freehold.’
      • ‘This has resulted in a starkly contrasting market between leaseholds and freeholds, especially in the sale of going concern businesses.’
      • ‘They are all freeholds granted under specific legislation in the Northern Territory providing for living areas for the benefit of Aboriginal people.’
      • ‘Some of the freeholds were very valuable and some of the leaseholds were virtually worthless tenancies of shop-like premises occupied by the Appellant's branches.’
      • ‘Had they ever been upon the ground where their freeholds lay?’
      • ‘It is a potentially tortuous route, but the property, if renovated as as a freehold, could be worth double the current asking price.’
      • ‘Massachusetts's farming families relied on their labor to eke out a bare competency and secure a freehold, while planters exploited the labor of their slaves and engrossed lands.’
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  • Held by or having the status of freehold.

    • ‘The mortgagor may have a freehold or a leasehold estate in the land.’
    • ‘He is only interested in property that has freehold status.’
    • ‘From today, developers of new mixed-use properties can choose whether to offer freehold, leasehold or commonhold properties, and people who are leaseholders can now transfer to a commonhold system.’
    • ‘A 250-year lease is a freehold sale in anyone's book; do these custodians of the citizens' property give a hoot?’
    • ‘As an area of freehold tenure, established for decades, it was not subject to the same array of regulations as the municipal locations.’
    • ‘The individual claimants are freehold owners and occupiers of their homes in Church Village.’
    • ‘The valuation assumes a sound freehold title with full vacant possession.’
    • ‘In the meantime, a very vocal opposition from commercial farmers owning extensive freehold and leasehold estates has stymied efforts by the Ministry.’
    • ‘I said the customary rights should not lead to the granting of freehold title.’
    • ‘In 1987 the Pearsons decided to sell the whole of their freehold interest in the Hall and the stud farm.’
    • ‘No question can arise as to the special characteristics of the particular freehold owner.’
    • ‘That customary land status can easily be turned into freehold title.’
    • ‘The simple granting of freehold or leasehold property does not lead to automatic economic development or viable commercial activity.’
    • ‘Mrs Norris was the registered freehold owner of the home.’
    • ‘Most importantly it would create complicated flying freehold arrangements which are notoriously difficult to manage from an estate management perspective, as discussed above.’
    • ‘Commonhold will be a new kind of freehold ownership.’
    • ‘On 14th February 1996, the freehold interest in the building was transferred to the claimant.’
    • ‘The freehold interest is available with full vacant possession.’
    • ‘Terraces of freehold houses, by contrast, date back at least to the 18th century.’
    • ‘The proposed sale did not go ahead and he did not investigate the extent of the freehold and leasehold titles further.’