Definition of freehand in English:


adverb & adjective

  • (especially with reference to drawing) done manually without the aid of instruments such as rulers.

    as adjective ‘a freehand sketch’
    as adverb ‘the pictures should be drawn freehand’
    • ‘Besides cropping or rotating, you can add text or freehand drawings to your photos, say, to make personalized postcards.’
    • ‘Photographs and text are supplemented by explanatory freehand sketches by the author which give a clear explanation of the engineering concept of each design.’
    • ‘As is characteristic of Johns's graphic work of this time, the drawings feature freehand scribbles, carefully limned curves, erasures and tonal blurring.’
    • ‘Some artists use a stencil to transfer the design to the skin, others draw freehand.’
    • ‘The intricate work, based on Victorian romantic decoration, was all done freehand using house paint.’
    • ‘Alluding to the tradition of Chinese landscape painting, these freehand images attempt a clear fluid action, a trusting precision in placement, colour and weight of application of the brush.’
    • ‘Over the years I've learned that warnings written freehand in felt marker, blood, or lipstick carry far more weight than professionally-printed signs.’
    • ‘The power of the computer enables them to make intricate geometric shapes quickly and easily that would be extremely difficult - if not impossible - to do freehand.’
    • ‘Each student then chose one of these thumbnail sketches to enlarge to a predetermined size and drew freehand on a piece of black construction paper.’
    • ‘He starts by drawing a pen line freehand, something which can only be interpreted as a line of ink.’
    • ‘The graph has been drawn freehand, with two spidery black lines crawling across white paper.’
    • ‘‘I create them by freehand before transferring the designs to a computer,’ he said.’
    • ‘We're going to work freehand as well as with a few stencils - we might try the idea in the book of using chalk dust, or we may just use the chalks as-is.’
    • ‘Custom tattooing (like freehand drawing without a stencil) is increasingly popular with customers, especially those with multiple tattoos.’
    • ‘In Germany in the sixteenth century the Briefmaler, or print colorist, either used stencils to cover predetermined portions of a print or executed the coloring freehand.’
    • ‘But where normal graffiti is executed freehand and as a one-off, stencil graffiti combines the Pop Art ethos of multiples with an aesthetic that mimics the punchy signage favoured by authority.’
    • ‘These pens are perfect for spontaneous freehand sketches as well as ink drawings with precise detail.’
    • ‘With a shape that resembled a crystal formation, the sculpture was surrounded by a freehand drawing showing an aerial view of the city with its jumble of ancient monuments, modern buildings and winding streets.’
    • ‘They learn by visiting the campus, taking field measurements, making freehand sketches, and documenting their research in digital media.’
    • ‘The term refers to freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese painting characterized by vivid expression and bold outlines.’
    manually, with one's hands, using one's hands, not by machine, not mechanically, freehand
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