Definition of freedom rider in US English:

freedom rider


  • A person who challenged racial laws in the American South in the 1960s, originally by refusing to abide by the laws designating that seating in buses be segregated by race.

    • ‘It was fitting that one of our last stops on the ride featured the comments of Congressman Lewis, one of the original freedom riders.’
    • ‘Thus, in 1971 the Court permitted suit against private persons who attempted to keep civil rights workers and freedom riders from entering Mississippi.’
    • ‘And they're modeling their action after the freedom riders from the civil rights movement.’
    • ‘A week after leaving Washington, D.C., the original freedom riders were met right outside Anniston, Alabama, by a violent mob of over a hundred white people determined to stop them.’
    • ‘But an awful lot of people did not know that he risked both political life as well as physical life as a freedom rider.’
    • ‘When I think of ‘the tumultuous '60s,’ I don't see peace signs and freedom riders; I see crowds: rallies and rock festivals and that epitome of way-too-crowded-for-me known as communal living.’
    • ‘They're meeting some of the old freedom riders, Lewis himself was one, who integrated inter-city bus travel.’
    • ‘With a renewed sense of faith and purpose, the freedom riders continued, escorted by national guardsmen.’
    • ‘Founded in 1867, the church served as headquarters for African Americans and all freedom riders during the Civil Rights Movement.’
    • ‘He was jailed as a freedom rider, arrested as a war protester and, at the United Nations headquarters in New York, as a hunger striker against nuclear weapons.’