Definition of freedom of religion in US English:

freedom of religion


  • The right to practice whatever religion one chooses.

    • ‘Enshrined in the First Amendment is the idea that all Americans have a constitutional right to freedom of religion.’
    • ‘Does freedom of religion allow believers to stop a newspaper's crusade against their faith?’
    • ‘This move should be opposed by everyone who believes in women's civil and individual rights, in freedom of expression and in freedom of religion and belief.’
    • ‘At that time, the teaching of state Shintoism was enforced, violating the public's freedom of religion.’
    • ‘Such legislation questions the foundations of tolerance and equality in societies that champion pluralism and freedom of religion.’
    • ‘He boldly defended his freedom of religion and right to wear a Kirpan, an article of faith.’
    • ‘It stipulates that Islam is to be the official national religion, while authorizing freedom of religion.’
    • ‘The 1990 Soviet religious law restored freedom of religion and conscience in Russia - to all.’
    • ‘There cannot be freedom of religion without the right to be free from religion.’
    • ‘However, as various immigrant, ethnic and religious groups arrived in the province, the right to freedom of religion quickly became an important aspect of the development of the province.’
    • ‘Christian organizations may argue that this is unfair and inhibits the international rights of freedom of religion.’
    • ‘People have the right to freedom of religion, and I stand by that.’
    • ‘This discrimination is clearly contrary to freedom of religion and belief and to the principle that religion should be a private matter for the individual.’
    • ‘The world needs to be informed and action taken to secure freedom of religion in one of the world's oldest democracies.’
    • ‘The right to judge for yourself what is true and false, what is right and wrong is a prerequisite for both freedom of speech and freedom of religion.’
    • ‘Our laws defend both freedom of speech and freedom of religion and belief.’
    • ‘The Government was engaged in striking a delicate balance between the employment rights of gay and lesbian people, and the right of religious groups to freedom of religion.’
    • ‘Some do it as a way to celebrate the fact that they live in a free country; one that allows them the rights of free speech, freedom of religion and equal rights.’
    • ‘We firmly appeal for adherence to the principle of separation of Government and Religion, which guarantees freedom of religion as one of the basic human rights’
    • ‘It emphasizes that all the Gurus were the same spirit and praises the great martyrdom of Guru Tegh Bahadur who died to preserve the concept of freedom of religion.’


freedom of religion