Definition of freediving in US English:



  • The sport or activity of diving under water without the use of breathing apparatus, especially in deep water.

    ‘he is passionate about deep-sea freediving’
    • ‘A former Royal Marine Commando has smashed the UK freediving record by diving to 100 meters.’
    • ‘Freediving has an enviably safe record in comparison with most other sports.’
    • ‘Professional freediving takes many years of training.’
    • ‘He finds time to teach an annual freediving course.’
    • ‘Some use fins, but many consider freediving without fins the purest form of diving.’
    • ‘The last 10 years have seen a rapidly growing number of professional freediving competitions.’
    • ‘One of the most interesting parts of freediving is that you can interact with animals that you normally would not have the chance to if you were wearing bulky breathing gear.’
    • ‘She picked up freediving to fill her time.’
    • ‘Like all extreme sports, the very element of danger is what makes freediving so intriguing.’
    • ‘Devotees do go recreational freediving in Australia, but finding the right combination of depth and calm seas makes world record attempts impossible.’