Definition of freediver in US English:



  • A person who engages in the sport or activity of freediving.

    ‘her skill, like that of all competitive freedivers, is an acquired ability to hold her breath for several minutes’
    • ‘The Danish freediver currently holds multiple world records for various diving feats.’
    • ‘A freediver aims to smash his own world record when he plummets 102m into a cavern off the Bahamas.’
    • ‘Despite the unlucky outcome of this dive, he is and remains the greatest freediver of all time.’
    • ‘Like other freedivers, she has larger than average lungs.’
    • ‘He is an amateur freediver who can dive to more than 100 feet.’
    • ‘She is a world champion indoor freediver.’
    • ‘Undeniably, he is the deepest freediver on earth.’
    • ‘The avid freediver shoots underwater videos and posts them online.’
    • ‘The Floridian freediver runs underwater photo tours in the area to educate people on marine life and conservation.’
    • ‘She is a bit of an adventurer—a keen freediver, climber, mountaineer, and off-piste skier.’