Definition of free weight in US English:

free weight


  • A weight used in weightlifting that is not attached to an apparatus.

    • ‘After those nights that your toddler has kept you up, though, you may want to use weight machines instead of free weights and keep your treadmill workout brief.’
    • ‘Working out with weight machines or free weights increases strength and many common calisthenics that can be done at home are also designed to increase strength.’
    • ‘Many swear that they can lift more weight on a Smith machine than with free weights, but can they, really?’
    • ‘When she does lift, she prefers free weights, with exercises like dumbbell squats and triceps extensions helping to firm up her thighs and triceps respectively.’
    • ‘He works out with free weights for 45 minutes at least twice a week.’
    • ‘This year you own more free weights, treadmills and stability balls than last year - but on the other hand, you've gotten rid of some of your ab machines and stair climbers.’
    • ‘‘If all else fails, you can always use free weights,’ Finnegan explains.’
    • ‘The lifting of free weights involves the more natural coordination of several muscle groups.’
    • ‘The facility, which has 250 members, has several cardio pieces and some free weights as well as stretching mats and balance apparatus.’
    • ‘You will grow if you establish a training schedule of at least four days a week, using mostly free weights and basic movements, and try to increase your strength every time you go to the gym.’
    • ‘The final step is training with weight machines or free weights.’
    • ‘Using machines instead of free weights in the weight room has its advantages.’
    • ‘‘I work out at the gym consistently, lifting free weights,’ she says.’
    • ‘While both can be effective, free weights are better for the purpose of increasing muscle and strength.’
    • ‘We supply free weights to a wide range of clients, from some of the largest fitness and leisure clubs through to individuals.’
    • ‘Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying machines are better than free weights, I'm just giving another perspective that some people may not have considered.’
    • ‘Instead of simply bench-pressing 250 pounds, they're doing leg exercises, riding stationary bikes and using free weights.’
    • ‘The fitness room is small, with a range of machines rather than free weights but for the not-so-die-hard weight lifters it is more than adequate for a complete workout regime.’
    • ‘Although all chest exercises will activate the muscle fibers of the pectorals, changing the angle of the bench or using free weights may activate more fibers in specific areas of the chest.’
    • ‘I've been Mr. Olympia five times in a row because I use both extremely heavy free weights and strictly isolated cable movements.’