Definition of free university in US English:

free university


  • A nontraditional educational program of courses often taught by nonprofessionals as an alternative to traditional academic programs, usually offered without prerequisites at low cost or at no cost.

    • ‘However, Goodman did not think that the free universities of the late 1960s were the realization of his proposals, as ‘the courses have no professional value,’ and therefore cannot truly be called part of a parallel university.’
    • ‘Professor O'Connor is also part of an effort to establish an anarchist free university for the fall.’
    • ‘Draves estimates there are about 50 free universities still operating across the country, and he's not sure if the concept is poised for a comeback.’
    • ‘Some came from the New Left groups, some from the southern civil rights movement, and some from the free universities.’
    • ‘The ‘elite public schools’ and free universities like CUNY performed an invaluable service in integrating Southern and Eastern European immigrants into American life.’
    • ‘Another danger for free universities is the belief in self-expression.’
    • ‘López Obrador has built highways, a free university, a hospital, and 16 schools, funding them by raising $1.1 billion in municipal bonds and bank credits.’