Definition of free spirit in English:

free spirit


  • An independent or uninhibited person.

    ‘they raised their children to be free spirits’
    • ‘A real estate boom has spread unease, pitting wealthy newcomers and developers against the townies, artists and free spirits who give the enclave its bohemian character and who now fear it is being gentrified out of existence.’
    • ‘They never seemed to notice that the nomads gave every appearance of being happy, free spirits.’
    • ‘They are all such interesting looking free spirits, I've been itching to get to know them, but my attempts at friendliness have been ignored.’
    • ‘‘She was a free spirit who returned to community living and open spaces whenever she could,’ the congregation was told.’
    • ‘Human beings are free spirits and tyrannical leaders don't tend to last long.’
    • ‘When we celebrate individuality, we let people choose who they are, be they members of a religion, free spirits, or something else entirely.’
    • ‘The character I play is a free spirit, who believes in freedom.’
    • ‘Others thought him a maverick, a free spirit, more subversive red than true blue.’
    • ‘If they lived in the Sixties they would be called free spirits, but they don't and inevitably end up in trouble with the authorities.’
    • ‘She's very involved in her children's upbringing and she encourages them to be free spirits.’
    • ‘They are free spirits and the show is never the same two days running.’
    • ‘The book's introduction speaks of the thinkers and free spirits, inventors and entertainers who have populated the county, and they are liberally scattered through the work.’
    • ‘It is something of a risk because we poets are free spirits and we distrust the establishment.’
    • ‘It is not a choice of free spirits vs. control freaks.’
    • ‘I had eschewed the offer of a lift from my parents, wishing to appear independent and a free spirit.’
    • ‘For the most part they're the seekers, slackers, and free spirits who tend to avoid the straight life, such as it is, for as long as they can.’
    • ‘It also implies that the young might become free spirits and get away from parental authority.’
    • ‘She was a free spirit whose home was open to everyone.’
    • ‘Independent and a true free spirit, it was clearly her transient, urban upbringing that gave her this hunger for success.’
    • ‘Hep cats, cool dudes, raconteurs, free spirits - the jazz world has always had plenty of them around, from Cab Calloway to Slim Gaillard to Miles, Trane, Dizzy and Bird.’
    individualist, individual, nonconformist, unorthodox person, unconventional person, original, eccentric, bohemian, maverick, rare bird, rarity
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free spirit

/fri ˈspɪrɪt//frē ˈspirit/