Definition of free silver in US English:

free silver


  • Denoting a US political movement for the free coinage of silver, especially that of the last quarter of the nineteenth century.

    • ‘The Democratic Party, despite the prominence of Grover Cleveland, was largely in the hands of the free silver forces.’
    • ‘Eastern bankers were blamed for a depressed silver market, and the Democratic Party adopted the demand for unlimited free silver in the presidential campaign of 1896.’
    • ‘The debate over free silver in the United States and many other countries was, evidently, a lot of sound and fury signifying nothing.’
    • ‘For example, in 1900, Jane Lathrop Stanford, the sole trustee of Stanford University, forced Professor Edward Ross to resign because of his support of the free silver movement and his criticism of the corporate and political order.’
    • ‘However, farmers, workers, and other people in debt would have an easier time paying off debts made before free silver became the official policy of the government.’